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    Join Ben Cormack as he takes you on a journey into the world of pain science and how we can apply and adapt it to the person in front of you. Rather than just giving GENERIC messages about pain that can often be ineffective. Ben will guide you through some patient centered strategies to help you integrate a better knowledge of pain AND the person into your work that can help take the strain out of using pain knowledge with your patients. No more strange looks or patient confusion!

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    English - 3 hours - After purchase this webinar will be accessible for one month


Ben Cormack

Cor-Kinetic design and deliver cutting edge education, rehabilitation & physical training to the health care and exercise communities. The Cor-kinetic philosophy is based around an understanding of modern movement, pain and neurosciences to give a person centred approach to rehabilitation and physical training within a strong evidence based framework. They have delivered courses in Europe, Asia, USA and south America and present regularly at national and specialist subject conferences around the world.Ben Cormack owns and runs Cor-Kinetic. He is a musculoskeletal therapist with a clinical background in sports therapy, rehabilitation, pain science & exercise stretching back 15 years. He specialises in a movement & exercise based approach with a strong education component and patient centred focus.


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    • The Biopsychosocial Model 25 Years Later- Principles, Practice, and Scientific Inquiry

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    • Slides Ben Cormack - Putting the person into pain science

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    Webinar Ben Cormack - Putting the person into pain science

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    • Recording - Part 2

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    Final test

    • Final test - Putting the person into pain science

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    • Don't forget to be critical!


    • An enactive approach to pain- beyond the biopsychosocial model

    • Low Back Pain Flares: How do They Differ From an Increase in Pain

    • Pain neuroscience education: Which pain neuroscience education metaphor worked best?

    • Reflect on your goal

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