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    We are going to explore some of the proposed mechanisms for pain’s 'stickiness’, looking at plasticity at multiple interconnecting levels in our biology, from molecular to behavioural. We will also discuss the features, characteristics and life experiences that mean someone is more susceptible to developing a longer lasting pain experience. In other words, why someone is more vulnerable. We will set dizziness within its bio-psycho-social context and look at some basic physiology. The better you understand the physiology, the better you can interpret your assessments and therefore your treatment is more effective. We look at the commonest triggers for peripheral dizziness, namely BPPV and vestibular neuronitis. Basic principals of vestibular rehabilitation are introduced, based not on generalised 'recipes' but on customised exercise programming; "look at the patient!".

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    English - 3 hours - After purchase this webinar will be accessible for one month


Alan Sealy

Alan Sealy, Bsc (hons), Grad dip Manipulative Physiotherapy, graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 1996, where he also took his post graduate manipulative therapy qualification in 1999. With a background in manual therapy, Alan Sealy now works as a clinical Specialist in Vestibular Rehabilitation. Initially within the NHS, and as a partner in private practice in Sheffield, Alan developed an early interest in dizziness and balance disorders. Whilst on a lecture tour in Norway he was invited to establish ‘Balanseklinikken’, in Oslo. As the Director of Rehabilitation in Scandinavia’s busiest balance clinic, and more recently as Director of Aberdeen Balance Clinic, Alan Sealy has treated and helped over 7000 dizzy patients. This considerable experience is utilized in research and educational courses throughout Scandinavia and the UK.


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