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    This e-learning walks you through the seven most common errors that Mick sees throughout ACL rehabilitation. He provides you with practical examples for each one of these errors. As a result you can help your patients with achieving a great outcome following ACL reconstruction.


Mick Hughes

Mick Hughes is a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, who consults at The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre. He has a strong clinical interest in the management of ACL injuries; both operatively and non-operatively. Mick is the co-author of the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide; a criterion based framework aimed at optimising ACL injury outcomes, which has helped countless patients improve their quality of life and fuction following ACL injury. Mick is also the co-founder of the online education platform www.learn.physio – a website that hosts premium online education courses for health professionals all around the world.


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    • A Progressive 5-Week Exercise Therapy Program Leads to Significant Improvement in Knee Function Early After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

    • Predictors of Knee Joint Loading After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

    • Wellsandt et al 2017 - Limb Symmetry Indexes Can Overestimate Knee Function After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

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    • Slides Mick Hughes - ACL reconstruction: the 7 sins of ACL reconstruction rehab

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    Mick Hughes - The 7 sinds of ACL reconstruction rehab

    • Recording: Mick Hughes - The 7 sinds of ACL reconstruction rehab

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    • Final test - ACL reconstruction: the 7 sins of ACL reconstruction rehab

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    • Kotsifaki et al 2020 - Measuring only hop distance during single leg hop testing is insufficient to detect deficits in knee function after ACL reconstruction- a systematic review and metaanalysis

    • Mikkelsen et al 2000 - Closed kinetic chain alone compared to combined open and closed kinetic chain exercises for quadriceps strengthening

    • Welling et al 2019 - Progressive strength training restores quadriceps and hamstring muscle strength within 7 months after ACL reconstruction in amateur male soccer players

    • Ebert et al 2018 - Strength and functional symmetry is associated with post‑operative rehabilitation in patients following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

    • Chmielewski et al 2016 - Low- Versus High-Intensity Plyometric Exercise During Rehabilitation After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

    • McPherson et al 2019 - Psychological Readiness to Return to Sport Is Associated With Second Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

    • Cappin et al 2019 - Keep Calm and Carry On Testing - A Substantive Reanalysis and Critique of What is the Evidence for and Validity of Return-toSport Testing after ACL reconstruction Surgery

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