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    This webinar for Denkfysio is about assessment and management of common wrist conditions. Many physiotherapists are less confident to asses and rehabilitate the wrist as they are towards a shoulder, a neck or a knee. In this session we’ll keep things simple in terms of our assessment and give structure around that assessment. In addition we’ll be looking at red flags as well as the best available research for our rehabilitation programs. As part of the assessment Mitchell will share his favourite objective markers. These allow you to set baselines. You will go through pathways of various conditions. Then this course will move on to consider do’s and don’ts regarding wrist loading. As part of this webinar we’ll share three articles about the management of three conditions. For more information: see the video below.

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    English - 3 hours - After purchase this webinar will be accessible for one month

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Intro Wrist Webinar


Thomas Mitchell

Thomas is an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner in primary care, musculoskeletal clinician, educator, member of the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association, and sports injury specialist. He is clinical lead Extended Scope Physiotherapist for the One Health Group Hand Hub and member of the British Association of Hand Therapists. He believes in a multi-modal approach in the treatment of his patients, which includes expert manual therapy, symptoms modification, and he is a keen advocate of lifestyle coaching in the management of musculoskeletal conditions.Thomas has been practicing for over 20 years as a physiotherapist. He worked for ten years in the elite sporting environment, with posts with the English Institute of Sport, GB Boxing, GB Wheelchair Rugby, Sheffield United Football Club, GB ParaTennis and GB Paracycling. He travelled extensively through this work, providing competition physiotherapy at Paralympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and was lead clinician for the World Series Boxing team, 2014 (British Lionhearts).


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    • Early outcomes of ‘The Birmingham Wrist Instability Programme’: A pragmatic intervention for stage one scapholunate instability

    • Effects of early manual therapy on functional outcomes after volar plating of distal radius fractures: A randomized controlled trial

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    • Slides The wrist part 1- Thomas Mitchell

    • Slides The wrist part 2- Thomas Mitchell

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    Webinar Thomas Mitchell - The wrist

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    • Final test - The wrist

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    • Don't forget to be critical!

    • Matthew et al - Functional Elbow Range of Motion for Contemporary Tasks

    • Scapholunate interosseous ligament anatomy and biomechanics

    • A novel staged wrist sensorimotor rehabilitation program for a patient with triangular fibrocartilage complex injury: A case report

    • Orthotic intervention incorporating the dart-thrower’s motion as part of conservative management guidelines for treatment of scapholunate injury

    • Adding mobilisation with movement to exercise and advice hastens the improvement in range, pain and function after non-operative cast immobilisation for distal radius fracture: a multicentre, randomised trial

    • Reflect on your goal

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