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    Keurmerk en KRF: 3 punten Algemeen - PQK: 4NE

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    In this e-learning we will consider the factors impacting outcomes in shoulder pain and importantly what we can do about them. It can be tough being a physiotherapist in the face of the current evidence which seems to demand an ever-increasing skill set. The relevance of lifestyle factors, nutrition, genetics, psycho-social factors, loneliness and other factors have a greater association with outcome than any of the physical things we can measure. So, what does it all mean - is it all over for manual therapy, what are the exercises that give me best value and importantly how do I address all the things that can impact someone's pain when I have limited time in my appointments?! Well, Santa Claus and his elves are here to help - in this Christmas themed e-learning we will take a look at the key factors that can negatively impact outcome in common shoulder pathologies and importantly what we can do about it and set patients up for success.

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    English/Nederlands - 3 hours - After purchase this webinar will be accessible for one month


Jo Gibson

Jo has been teaching her shoulder course for over 20 years. During her career she has travelled all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to work with and observe some of the World’s leading shoulder experts. Her involvement in original research, study at Masters level and vast experience of treating patients with shoulder problems has enabled her to develop a simple, evidence-informed approach to assessment and rehabilitation of the shoulder that is immediately applicable to practice. Simple assessment strategies will enable participants to design effective treatment interventions, which reflect the functional needs of patients. The course will look at the challenges of true evidence based practice and how developments in the pain sciences and communication literature offer opportunities for enhancing interventions.


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